Saturday, December 13, 2008

Every Time You Hear a Bell Ring. . .

One of the best moments in It's A Wonderful Life is when Jimmy Stewart hears the bell on the Christmas tree ring and knows that his angel friend has finally earned his wings. A simple ornament made from a large jingle bell and some ribbon is a great gift to keep on hand for those unexpected Christmas visitors.

At a craft store purchase some large jingle bells. They sometimes come in colors of red or white or green as well as silver and gold. Buy some thin satin ribbon and large ornament hooks as well. Simply cut an 8-10 inch length of ribbon, thread it through the top part of the bell, tie a bow and add an ornament hook. If you want to get any fancier, you can glue on some berries and greenery or mini-pine cones. Keep the bells in a large basket or hang on your tree and use them to gift your friends in appreciation for their visit.

As always, it is more frugal to buy these after Christmas but beware that often jingle bells are one of the first things to sell out at the holiday.

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windycindy said...

I like this idea to hang them on the tree and then give them to guests. Thanks, Cindi