Thursday, December 18, 2008

Home Improvement

Home Improvement

The “Like Magic” Quick Tidy

Purchase a couple of giant Rubbermaid containers, plastic laundry baskets, or even wicker baskets. If someone will be stopping by (and you have any more warning that them ringing your doorbell), perform a quick tidy on your living areas. Stack newspapers, magazines and other paper clutter into one basket or tub. Use the other one to pick up kids’ toys, sporting equipment or other clutter. Stick it the baskets in your laundry room to go through as soon as your impromptu guests leave.

Stuff that Smells Good

Realtors suggest some of these same tips to improve the sales potential of your home, but the idea of things smelling good (read: homey) probably dates back to our grandmas’ kitchens. So, to re-create that peaceful, secure feeling, try popping some slice’n’bake cookies or a loaf of frozen bread dough in the oven. Or, set wassail on the stove to permeate your entire home with a Christmas-y smell. My sister-in-law Kendall uses light bulb rings dotted with scented oils, such as peppermint or apple cider.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the memory of such smells will linger long after the aroma is actually gone.

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