Thursday, December 25, 2008

Personal Christmas Day Plans

Having grown up in Colorado, my family always skied on Christmas Day. It was never very crowded—especially not compared to the days before and after. We simply ate our big turkey or roast dinner on Christmas Eve.

The year we married, Bret and I established the tradition of spending every other year with parents on my side and his side. Starting in 1988, we spent Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his; we’ve alternated every year since. Christmas is with his family this year, and we’re having all of the Wilsons come to our home because we’re centrally located. Oh, forget it. Who am I kidding? It’s because we want to leave sooner to go skiing. Fortunately, this year our kids have a longer winter break; they don’t start back to school until January 8th. We can probably do our ski trip around New Year’s.

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