Friday, December 5, 2008

Welcome to Guests

For holiday spirit to jazz up my home, I use Christmas theme towels, and fancy scented soaps, which I get out and display for use, especially when guests are coming.
Whenever you are out shopping for bargains be alert for the colorful sets of bath towels, embroidered with Santas, Christmas trees, snow flakes etc.
When not on sale these are a bit pricey for me, and I do adore a bargain.
A month ago I bought a set of a sky blue hand towel and a washcloth, embroidered with frolicking penguins.
By chance when we picked paint color when repainting our older bathroom we selected the palest of blues.
So that is my Martha Stewart coordinated moment for the year, blue penguin towels and blue walls.
I also indulge in fancy hand soaps, and share those with guests too.
I can definitely use a few more decorating holiday tips.
What are your ideas?

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