Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick Home Spruce Up

When guests are coming over and you don't have much time to spruce up the house, what to do?
Every visitor to our home is admitted directly to our living room, where our pretty oak coffee table tends to be covered with mail and magazines.
With a few minutes notice I sweep all of the papers on top of the table into my arms, and deposit them in a bedroom, out of sight.
I then grab my bottle of Old English Oil that is lemon scented and polish the top of the coffee table. This is very quick to do and the lemon is a wonderful clean scent.
We have one or two bright red Amaryllis or Poinsettias to draw visitors' attention, plus our Christmas tree that is sparkling with ornaments and lights, and which deflect attention to them in their glory.
I include here photos my husband took of our brilliant red Amaryllis, in full bloom on our dining table.
We aim to keep the focus on hospitality and colorful Christmas trees and flowers.

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