Saturday, December 6, 2008

The grandkids are coming! The grandkids are coming!

My two guest bedrooms are set up to receive young children. When the first grandchild arrived, I went in search of a good sale on cribs and found one that was quite a deal. That has served well and still has a ways to go. But as the kids grew, it was more of a challenge to arrange comfortable sleeping.

My daughter-in-law came up with a great idea for Caleb when he got bumped from the crib by little sister Annalise. She bought a small tent that pops up easily. We spread a quilt on the bottom so that he has some padding, add a pillow and he's quite content to have his own space in Mommy and Daddy's room. It also keeps him contained so that he's not rolling all over the floor as was the problem with using sleeping bags for pre-schoolers.

To add to the festive spirit of Christmas, I make sure there are Christmas books available for that last story before little eyes need to be shut. And now, I'll have to be sure to have some young reader books for Tyler, the newest reader in the family. Maybe by Christmas, he'll be able to read the Christmas story to us!


Cathy Messecar said...

Karen, This is great advice. I hope you share these ideas in your grandparenting column....Cathy

Karen said...

As a matter of fact, Cathy, my grandparenting column at has the same title and lots of other ideas for preparing for all those little ones to arrive.