Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last-minute gift ideas

Hints for Extra Gifts

Handy Ornaments

Again from Angela Allman. When the expensive Christmas ornaments—in the $15-25.00 range—go on sale, pick up several at half price. Wrap in tulle with a contrasting color ribbon. Keep them in a basket by the front door to hand out to folks who drop in or to deliver when you visit someone’s home. For a nice touch, add a Scripture verse printed from your computer then tied on with ribbon.

Couch Potato Kit

Buy a six-pack of Coke or Diet Coke, and hot glue the following items to the side:
· One big box of Junior Mints or other “movie theatre” candy
· One package of microwave popcorn
· A $5.00 gift card to Blockbuster (or other local DVD rental store)

I keep a few of these homemade items handy—for the drop-ins—as well as for little gifts that I give to service people along with tips (baby-sitters, hair stylist, mail and newspaper delivery folks, etc.).

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