Thursday, December 4, 2008

Preparing for Guests

Preparing for Guests

These ideas come from my very creative friend, Angela Allman. Our sons play baseball together and in the Texas July heat, she brainstormed some small touches we can add to make our guest rooms or bathrooms special for holiday guests.

Always shop the craft stores right before or right after Christmas. They have major markdowns on expensive garlands. Angela and I agreed that we’re too frugal (read: cheap!) to spend $24.99 on an evergreen garland with berries, pinecones, or even feathers. However, we feel like we’re getting a good buy if we snag the same thing for $12.50. Drape them over bathroom mirrors for a festive touch.

Pick up freshly cut pine or cedar bundles at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Arrange a few in the top of a hurricane filled with nuts in the shell.

To have your decorating energy go even farther, place a Christmas throw at the foot of every bed or drape one over your sofa. Decorating your home for Christmas couldn’t be easier!

Another inexpensive idea that’s very classy: Collect hotel shampoos, lotions and soaps during the year. Place them in a basket lined with a piece of gingham or tulle. Set one in the guest bath—and maybe even your own!

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