Friday, January 9, 2009

Storing the Decorations

Once Christmas is over and the new year arrives, we begin putting away our holiday decorations, and begin with our tree.
I feel a bit sad taking the ornaments and lights off of the tree, but it needs to be done. Our city recycles the trees, and picks them up when it picks up regular recycling. Then they chop the trees to create mulch which they use in city parks.
So when the dozen boxes of decorations fill up, my husband takes them up to the attic. We write "lights" on one box, "nativity sets" on another and "nutcrackers" on a third.
That is as organized as we get.
The other cardboard boxes are full of ornaments, stockings, our jingle bell wreath, and other Christmas decorations, and are stored away til next December when the fun begins all over again as we celebrate Jesus' birthday.

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