Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How do you store away Christmas? This week the Word Quilters will share our ideas for packing away Christmas and give you hints for orderliness, packing and labeling.

If you are into labeling, here's a hint for this week of 2009. Office Depot has a Brother's handheld labeler for $9.99 through January 10th, this Saturday. If you apply for an office Depot card, you can get an additional 10% off of that purchase and other future purchases. Labelers are helpful for growing families, especially for labeling "places" for children to get into habit of finding the right place to put away items. OK. Back to storing away Christmas.

I prefer the clear large storage boxes, no labeling needed because contents can be seen. I keep my inside holiday decor to a minimum, so mine fit into about 3 tubs, with a few runneth-over-items, too large for tubs (think Christmas throw pillows). Larger wreaths (hang on our country gates) are kept in garage on pegboards. No need to wrap them or keep them dust free. They are outdoor ornaments that get washed off with the first December rain. For my fake, but very realistic looking inside poinsettias, I store them with a plastic bag covering, clear cleaner bags are no-extra-costs and perfect for this purpose.

If you are in the mood to have less, read Mindy Starnes The House that Cleans Itself. I just finished it. It is for the "housecleaning impaired." I have that gene. Through her own trial and error, she discovered her strengths and weaknesses in the art of housecleaning. She passes along some very doable and workable solutions. Some, I'd already discovered on my own, but I especially loved her suggestions for an incoming paper station and just set mine up yesterday.

I just prayed for all who will read these posts that you will be able to tuck away the tangible Christmas, but that the intangible spirit of giving and loving will stable itself in your hearts year round.

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Terra said...

Hi Cathy,
I laughed when I read your "house cleaning impaired" because that is so me.
It sounds like I need to read the book you mention.
I visit http://www.flylady.com occasionally; she has good tips.