Friday, January 30, 2009

See you in July

This season's posts from us are winding up, until we start again in July. Christmas in July, as Cathy noted.
Please leave topic ideas in your comments if you are so inspired.
This Christmas of 2008 was a joyful one for my family, and I hope for yours, also.
To add to my own fun was our book's debut and the enthusiastic reception it is getting.
I made the toffee recipe, from our book's postcard, for a Christmas party at work, and got many requests for the recipe.
I have two post-holiday Christmas activities lined up at my house.
I gathered pine cones and will make a wreath from them, and bought a DVD copy of "A Christmas Memory", starring Patty Duke and Piper Laurie. It arrived in January and so I will watch it soon, and report back to you on how I like it.
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