Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Good and Not-So-Good of this Past Christmas

Christmas 2008 has presented itself with both good and not-so-good elements. As is God’s Way, though, the two seem inextricably woven together. The economic woes of our nation hit my family particularly hard this year. My husband works as an independent investment advisor, and he gets paid when his clients make money. And for the past few months . . . well, you get the idea.

At first, I railed against our circumstances, which had required that I take on a part-time editorial position with Joni & Friends ( , a non-profit organization for the advocacy of people with disabilities. Only a few weeks later, I can see God’s had in all of it. I admire my boss, Pat Verbal, who ranks as one of the women I wish I could be like when I grow up. I enjoy the work, which has stretched me already, and I eagerly await our bigger projects.

I lamented our meager—and I do mean meager!!!—Christmas gifts. However, I had a Very Special Gift to give: my new book! And we re-gifted in some cases. Shhh, that’s just between us! Our kids understood. All through this process, they’ve looked for creative ways to save and make money. It’s been good for them.

As with most trials, I would not have chosen to take on these challenges; however, my family and I are stronger for having faced them, given them over to God again and again and again, and allowed Him to provide in miraculous and creative ways. Dependency on Him is ultimately a good thing.

Maybe my not-so-good is actually very, very good.

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