Monday, January 12, 2009

Decorating Your Life by Trish Berg

Well, all the decorations are tucked away, and life is getting back to normal around the Berg house. We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Very traditional. Lots of baking, presents, and family.

But sometimes, after Christmas we can all feel a bit blue.

Just last night my teenager informed me that her new MP4 player she got from grandma is broken. Yep, only 2-3 weeks old and broken. She is not sure why. I am not either.

We all wish for great gifts, presents, things to have and hold. But things are fleeting. They break.

And you are left feeling empty again.

But Christmas isn't about the things you get. As great as presents are, they are merely things. Things that will wear out and break.

I bet in 5 years you won't be able to list the gifts you received this year for Christmas.

But faith- that is something you can hold onto forever.

Did you find the Baby Jesus under your tree this Christmas? Did you find faith?

The Gift of faith came wrapped in clothes lying in the manger.

Did you find Him?

If not, there is still time. Christmas is not over unless you want it to be over.

The decorations may all be tucked away in the attic, but is your life still decorated with the faith of Jesus?

What will you do today to show the world you BELIEVE?

How will your life be decorated with God's love?

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