Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snow Angels Revisited

Ohio has had its share of cold and snow this week. I find it a little confining and frustrating when the roads are bad and the wind chills get dangerous. But not my mother-in-law. Yesterday we went to pick up my grandson for the weekend and stopped by her condo to drop off some Christmas gifts. Since we had cruised for the holidays, we didn't get down to see her before Christmas.

As we walked up to her door I looked to my right where the new coating of snow had been disturbed. There in the middle of it was a fresh snow angel--just her size.

If you have a copy of A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts, my story, Grandma's Snow Angel, is on page 95. When I first wrote it she was about to turn 80. This year she will be 88. And she's still making angels in the snow!


Ashley said...

What a lovely and inspirational blog!

Karen said...

Thanks, Ashley!!