Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Caribbean New Year's Celebration

We have just returned from a holiday cruise aboard the Eurodam, a Holland America Line ship. This is the third time we've done Christmas and New Year's in the Caribbean. It's fun and gives our kids less stress in having to be one more place for their Christmas rounds--well, it's a good excuse, right?

New Year's celebrations in the Caribbean were very noisy. We spent the last two days of 2008 in Aruba and Curacao and both were alive with fireworks. There were more firecrackers going off that we had around home for the Fourth of July!

In Willemstad, Curacao, we could hear them all over the town and from the ship's upper decks we could see columns of smoke rising when they went off. Curious, we ventured out and found that there were chains of firecrackers a city block long that were being set off. They took about 20 minutes to all go off in a noisy celebration of the New Year.

Sadly, by the time we returned to the ship, the Christmas decorations were gone and in their place were all the glitz and glimmer for the New Year party that night. But what a wonderful time of seeing in the New Year with people from all over the world gathered together on a ship in the middle of a warm Caribbean Sea. Did I mention it was warm??

Warm wishes for a wonderful New Year filled with peace and joy!

[BTW--There are more pictures on my blog.]

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