Sunday, July 20, 2008

Christmas Gifts Online


The first two weeks of posting on this blog has been really fun for the Word Quilters. A special thank you to readers and those who leave comments. Send your friends around to check out the archives and new posts.

This week we're going to suggest our favorite gifts to order online. Between the six of us, I imagine there will be suggestions that will fit some of your gift giving.

Here's a favorite of mine--teabags with a scripture on the tea tag. Here's what the company says about its products:

Scripture Tea continues to make its way around the world as a comfort and blessing to so many. Since 1982, Scripture Tea has combined two timeless treasures – Tea and The Bible. Known for the inspirational messages found on the teabag tags, these messages quote verses of scripture from the Bible. Our teas come in various flavors and can be found in outlets throughout the United States.

Click here to order or view products. Tea is sold by box or in bulk, individually wrapped, ideal for including in a Christmas card or as a party favor.
I'm eager to see what the co-authors suggest. And don't forget, a copy or two or more of A Scrapbook of Christmas First may be preordered from Leafwood Publishers.


Terra Hangen said...

This is a lovely product that I had not heard of, and I will definitely buy to give as gifts.

Trish Berg said...


I LOVE the idea of tea with scriptures on the bags. How wonderful!!!

Now you need to find Instant MOcha lattes with scriptures....

Hugs-Your coffee addicted friend - Trish