Saturday, July 19, 2008

Versatile Pine Cones

By Karen Robbins

Whether you buy them by the bagful or pick up your own outside, pine cones are one of the most inexpensive and fun ways to decorate for Christmas. Put out a bowlful of cones as a centerpiece. If you purchase the scented cones, it will also fill the room with wonderful cinnamon or pine scents.
Or fill large glass containers/vases with the cones. I take old small colored glass ornaments and sprinkle them in as well. Usually one side gets tarnished and as I layer them with the cones in a large vase, I turn the shiny side out.
Do you have a favorite place for cones in your holiday decorating?


Cathy Messecar said...

Karen, with lots of tall pines in our area, the cones are abundant--for free.

On my breakfast window sills, I put out cottony fiber fill, and arrange small antique ornaments and decorations interspersed with pine cones.

I find a lot of good pine cones even though my squirrley friends really, really love to chew them up and get out the pine seeds.

Christine said...

I actually collected pine cones from my neighborhood for about 3 months and then once I had enough I made a very large about 2 to 3 foot tall christmas tree out of nothing but pinecones and hot glue. I strung some christmas lights on it and sprayed some fake snow on it. It came out really nice but since it was my first time using pinecones and a hot glue gun I didn't know the rules and had it in my front yard and it rained and it got ruined. Oh well trial and error. I want to do it again but don't think I will be doing it this year with everything else I have planned.

Karen said...

That sounds like it was beautiful and reminds me of the one my mother bought for me years ago. I think it had a styrofoam cone that the cones were glued and pinned to. And then there were little berries and greenery clustered here and there for decoration. I loved it, but alas it deteriorated from all the handling year after year. Guess that's what biodegradable means.

Trish Berg said...


Love this idea...We have many pine trees surrounding our farm house.

Have an awesome week, my friend, Trish