Thursday, July 24, 2008

Online Shopping--You Never Have to "Drop"

Leslie’s Favorite Online Purchase

My favorite online Christmas gift just happens to include my children. And, NO, you can’t have my precious cherubs all the time, but I will loan them to you. Let me explain. Molly and Reese, my two youngest, are Barney kids. Yep, they’ve been featured performers (a fancy name for recurring cast members) on Barney & Friends for several years. Around our house, we love the big purple dinosaur and his buddies B.J., Baby Bop and Riff! (So much for SOCF blog readers believing me when I say I’m not the stage mom type!)

What does this have to do with gifts, you might ask? Good question. Well, they’ve also performed (And yes, that’s really them doing the singing, too. No dubbing.) in a couple of Barney DVD releases. These DVDs have become my favorite online purchase, Christmas or otherwise. I buy them for my friends with preschool children, even as a baby shower gift. (Kids grow up awfully fast!) Look for these titles at or “Let’s Go to the Firehouse” and “Barney’s Perfectly Purple Birthday.”

Added bonus: My husband, teenage son and I are extras in the fire station audience of the firehouse DVD. Though you have to pause the screen to be able to see us, we’re really there! I’m already threatening to show that segment as a blooper reel at my kids’ rehearsal dinners!

OK, OK, I realize the vast majority of you don’t have a preschooler who tenses with excitement when the Barney theme song comes on TV each morning. To that end, I have another online shopping suggestion.

My sister won rave reviews for her Item-of-the-Month purchases last Christmas. For a whole year, my oldest son (aka The Salsa Connoisseur) looked forward to receiving a different, delicious salsa of the month. Charlie’s true colors came out, though; he wouldn’t share!!! My youngest son couldn’t wait to get his Bacon-of-the-Month, which came packaged in freezer bags. (Visit for more information.) Other mouth-watering offerings my sister unearthed included Coffee-of-the-Month and Fruit-of-the-Month.


Cathy Messecar said...

Hmmm. I now have a gift idea for my granddaughter and guess what, grandma plans to watch it first and see if I can pause it at just the right time to see my favorite extras on the sidelines...Cathy

Christine said...

Barney is a big part of life in my house. I have young kids and when barney comes on the house is silent. lol. I plan on buying barney items for christmas and making some barney bedding. We are the proud owner of three videos and tons of toys. I will probably be buying more videos.

Shirley said...
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