Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas Stockings Add Pizzazz To Any Room

Here is a photo of my sons and I with a few stockings in view. Yes, the Christmas stockings are handmade by me, from felt, sequins and glitter. My husband, Will, took the photo, so he is not in it and I promise to soon find a photo including Will, and share that on this blog.

I have a few extra Christmas stockings, in addition to the five that we hang on the fireplace mantle. By the way, why five stockings for four folks? One for each of our sons, one for my husband, Will, one for me, and the fifth one is for our cats to share. They don't mind sharing! Each Christmas morn they hope for a can of tuna (sold for human consumption, not cat food grade) and a bit of organic catnip, grown by my sister Sky in Wisconsin. Our cats are not disappointed, since they are VERY good kitties.

My easy decorating tip involves colorful Christmas stockings. One year at a dollar store I found a pretty red stocking that says “I Believe”. I bought several as gifts for friends, and an extra one for my family, and now each year I take a push pin and hang this Christmas stocking in the bathroom. Every year, at the end of the season, stores put Christmas stockings on sale, so that is a great time to buy more for your next year's decor, and keep a look out at craft fairs for stockings that appeal to you.

In the same bathroom I hang a handmade colorful stocking that I bought at a fund raiser. The person who stitched it created a very cute stocking, including a sleigh loaded with gifts and real ribbons. Hanging a few holiday stockings is such a quick way to add a Christmas glow to any room, even the sometimes overlooked bathroom.


Cathy Messecar said...

Handsome guys and cute stockings, Terra.

My mother-in-law made paper stockings for the family out of bright holiday wrapping paper backed with brown paper grocery bags. She cut both layers out with pinking shears and sewed around the edges on her sewing machine.

She had several extras on hand for guests, too.
and could ha

Christine said...

I like that idea for the bathroom. I never decorate the bathroom. I like the idea of the paper stockings. I will have to try something this year. I am also gonna try and make stockings this year. I am tired of the same old plain ones.

Trish Berg said...


What a beautiful family! I love stockings as well. I hang them form my banister on both sides.

Each child has a different color stocking. I made each a stocking for their first Christmas.

They are made from a simple pattern out of quilted fabric.

Hannah's is green, Sydney's red, Colin's blue, and Riley's yellow.

Then I wrap their Christmas gifts in the matching color paper, so they each know whose gift is whose.

I started that just for fun, and now the kids LOVE their Christmas colors.