Monday, October 20, 2008

The Arts at Christmas

This week the WQs will share the names of a few of our favorite CDs and DVDs. My two picks are below with brief explanations.

Want to hear these?

1. What Child Is This? - Kemper Crabb, Dix, William Chatte
2. Let All Mortal Flesh
3. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - Kemper Crabb, Neale, John M.
4. Es Kommt Ein Schiff
5. Wessex Carol
6. Coventry Carol
7. Of the Father's Love Begotten
8. Down in Yon Forest
9. Good King Wenceslas - Kemper Crabb, Neale, John M.
10. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Kemper Crabb, Traditional
11. Doulos - Kemper Crabb, Crabb, K.

All the songs listed above are from one of my favorite Christmas CDs,

A Medieval Christmas by Kemper Crabb. We heard this group in person a few year’s ago. This CD was recorded live in a small group setting. If you like the sound of the Medieval instruments, beautiful and haunting melodies, that stay with you for days. Try this CD. $15.00
Kemper Crabb

My all time favorite DVD about anything Christmas is The Star of Bethlehem. Rick Larsen explains in the DVD where his journey of discovery began. My husband, David, and I heard Rick’s presentation at Texas A & M two days before Christmas, 1500 in attendance and standing room only. He travels the globe with this message set in the heavens before The Christ was ever born. I was so happy when he found a producer and put his presentation, with gorgeous scenes and musice, on DVD. His distributor of this very classy DVD and producer is the director of Mel Gibson’s
The Passion.

You will not be disappointed in the quality and content of Rick’s findings. Here are some endorsements found at his Website

"well-researched and reasonable"Former Chief of Planetary Astronomy, NASA, and Technical Editor, Sky & Telescope magazine
"an interesting look... at the star"Christianity Today magazine
"models the scientific method at its best"Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary
"wide-ranging and insightful scholarship"Former Publisher and Editor, Scientific American magazine, and President, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Check it out

What are your favorite Holiday CDs or DVDs?

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imbeingheldhostage said...

Mine is the Christmas music I grew up on. I have never been more grateful for technology as I was last year when I was finally able to find most of it to upload to my computer. It's The Harry Simeone Choral and the Peter Pan Caroleers album titled Santa Claus is coming to Town.