Saturday, October 11, 2008

. . .Starring Don

Our youngest son is developmentally handicapped. My fondest memory of him at Christmas was the first year he was in a Christmas play at church. Don has never been one to shy away from a challenge. I believe that's why he has made so much progress over the years.

Don was seven or eight the year he decided he could have a part in the Christmas program. He was finally able to speak well enough that people could understand a good part of what he had to say. When the children's director called for auditions for speaking and singing roles, Don was front and center and ready to perform.

That afternoon at Sunday dinner, his sister, Cheryl, announced that Don had a speaking part in the Christmas program. My older boys reacted with, "No way!" and "Way to go!" and of course the high fives. I thought for sure Cheryl had it wrong but I didn't want to erase the beaming smile on Don's face by voicing my doubts.

Sure enough, after talking with Mrs. Gray, she assured me that Don would have a part in the program. She felt his gumption ought to be rewarded.

The evening of the program, the children were gathered on stage and each was performing with the excellence that everyone had come to expect from one of Mrs. Gray's productions. Then the microphone was passed to Don. I held my breath. He turned to the audience, beamed that big smile and declared, "We're done!"

Two simple words but that was Don's night to shine like the star of Bethlehem to ignite the hope that one day this child of God would be able to hold his own with those around him and become all that God wanted him to be.

Pass the tissues and tell me about your favorite memory of your child's Christmas program.

(To see Don today go to Our Special Child)

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