Sunday, October 19, 2008

Christmas Basket Winner!!!

It's not easy to wake a man from a Sunday afternoon nap and get him to make sense let alone cooperate with something he has no clue about. But undaunted, I woke my husband and showed him my bowl full of over 130 yellow slips of paper.

"What are you feeding me now?" he asked. Just back from four weeks of cruising the Mediterranean, he's still not used to getting his own coffee and clearing his dishes from the table himself.

"It's not food. It's for our Christmas Basket drawing. Pick one," I told him.

"Can I mix them myself?"


He dipped his hand in, mixed the slips of paper and drew one name. And the winner is:


who left a comment on Tamera Kraft's blog.

Thanks to all of our bloggers and readers who were so gracious and kind.

Two of our blog readers made a valiant effort to win the basket and left comments at almost every blog site and often at this site as well as the other Word Quilters' blogs. I could not let their efforts go unrewarded and will send two of my comp books out to them:



There is lots more coming to the Scrapbook blog. Stay tuned!!

1 comment:

Dina said...

Congrats to Carol Sue for winning the big prize and ABI for visiting alot of the blog sites too.

I had a ton of fun just following and finding new blgos.

Thanks for the great contest.