Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Christmas Programs - A Mom's Perspective - Trish Berg

There is something inspiring about a children's Christmas Program. When the little ones get dressed up in angel and shepherd costumes, and play the roles of Mary and Joseph, I am just awestruck at their joy.

Every year, our church puts on a Christmas Program where the kids dress up and act out the story of the birth of Jesus. My children have played the roles of angels with halo headbands, shepherds with bath robes and plastic staffs, and wise men bring gifts of gold, Frankincense and myrrh.

I have now been a mom for over 13 years, and watching my children participate in the Christmas program is simply a joy-filled experience.

My children have grown up as angels and shepherds, and I think they better understand the story of Jesus birth as they act out the story. It makes it real for them in a way no reading of the story can.

So, even if your church does not have a Christmas program, I encourage you to have a home-spun play. Pull out the story of the birth of Jesus, gather some bath robes and halos made from head bands, and have a family theatre night this December. Let your children choose their oles, and even rotate the roles performing the play several times throughout the holiday season.

And watch as God's story, the story that started it all, melts into their little souls.

Enjoy the journey-Trish Berg
Psalm 118:24

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