Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Got Company?

Hi faithful readers!
Although I'm usually focused on writing or speaking to parent audiences, I occasionally take time away to polish the facets of my other side. I loved getting involved in writing A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts with all it's terrific historical facts, tasty recipes, unusual stories, and tips for the holidays.

During November/December, most speakers and writers slow down a bit. That is when it's possible to relax the professional self and do the fun personal things like inviting company over or going to holiday open houses. Whether I have people in or go out, I like to share scrumptious extras.

Scrumptious doesn't always mean sweets. Matter-of-fact, I get tired of all the sweets at parties and I try to lower the processed sugars by offering fresh fruit kabobs, or I'll go with an antipasto tray.

Sharing over food has always been a way to fellowship. I don't want to stop my social calendar, but do want to make the food I serve to be healthy and satisfying.

What do you think? Do you like to make extras to keep on hand at your home or to take out? What tantalizing "extras" are around your house for the holidays?

by Brenda Nixon


Lynette Sowell said...

Brenda, for over 10 years my husband and I have hosted a Christmas Eve open house. While we have traditional goodies, people always clamor for meatier appetizers--sweet 'n sour meatballs (my mom's recipe), Hollyberry Chinese chicken wings (recipe from a friend), cheese 'n crackers, etc. I think by Christmas Eve, we're all cookied out. :)

Cara Putman said...

I love to bake -- so I make all kinds of cookie plates to take to neighbors, etc. I agree with Lynette that people like a balance. I love meatballs, because those can be thrown in a crockpot and basically forgotten.

Brenda Nixon said...

Yum, Lynette, we love those
"meatier" foods, too. Cara, those wee meatballs are easy with a crockpot, which is safer than using sterno and a live fire underneath the pan to keep foods warm. Thanks for sharing. (Now, my mouth's watering . . . where's a party?)