Thursday, October 9, 2008

Christmas program or pageant

The Wilsons star in story of Jesus’ birth

It may seem as though everyone you ever met and every group you ever attended wants to get together during the month of December. Today’s busy families have to be selective about how much to take on. One of our family favorites has been Sights and Sounds of Christmas in San Marcos, Texas. Visit for more information.

I remember watching Christmas programs after the birth of my son Charlie, slightly envious of the Baby Jesus. Actually, I suppose my jealousy was more directed toward the mom whose child got to play Jesus in the live nativity scenes or the church Christmas play. You see, Charlie—who was born in June—was too big to play a newborn by the time the holiday season rolled around. I know, I’m silly, petty, and basically ridiculous.

God must’ve chuckled as He read my heart. Four years later, I had my own infant—Molly. And she did, indeed, get to play the Baby Jesus in a live nativity scene at Sights and Sounds. Little did I know the request for her was a package deal; my husband and I were automatically cast as Joseph and Mary. Charlie played a sheep which, at four years of age, he loved! The whole experience was fun for awhile, until the hay stirred up Bret’s allergies and Molly started wailing. Nothing I tried comforted either of them!

Sometimes such experiences are just better in our heads—than actually living them out. But I did get my wish, my 15 minutes of “fame,” and the chance to have a baby of mine “star” in the Christmas story. And, for that, I will always fondly remember Sights and Sounds.

This festival—which brings out most of the town of San Marcos, as well as neighboring communities—marries the best of the spiritual and secular Christmas, with lots of great food and entertainment.

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