Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brenda's Silent Night

by Brenda Nixon

faithful readers!

Doncha just love all the fun Christmas pageants and plays this time of year? When I was growing up I always participated in school and church programs. I guess being on stage is comfortable to me and that's one reason why I love my speaking profession.

One December, I was deathly ill. We weren't sure what bug had bitten me, but I was home from school and everything else for weeks. Meanwhile, our church teen group regular rehearsed for a Christmas play in which I was one of the lead characters. As each day drew us closer to opening night, my parents, the director, and all the other cast members fretted, "How's Brenda?" or "Will Brenda be able to carry her role?" or "What do we do, we didn't plan for an understudy!"

Gradually my health bounced back and I felt well enough to go to Dress Rehearsal. During the evening, I knew I couldn't carry my lines and act. My voice was weak and raspy. So the director decided to conserve my strength . . . by giving all my lines to another character but keeping me in the play! You guessed it; I came out on stage and acted out my character without speaking. It truly was a silent night in the house.

Tell us a fun memory you have of a Christmas play. Let's get some laughing going on here!


Cathy Messecar said...

Great post Brenda! Fun! I love Christmas programs and pageants. I remember those days of scrambling to get my children's costumes ready....Cathy

Brenda Nixon said...

Thanks Cathy. Yep, Christmas programs are a dear part of my history.

windycindy said...

There is nothing quite like church pageants! When I taught Sunday School, I remember the rehearsals.
Great memories. Thanks, Cindi