Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have Homemade Gifts on Hand for Drop-in Guests

Unexpected guests are as much a part of Christmas as the angel atop the tree. To minimize your surprise—and being caught empty-handed—I have a few ideas to have on hand to reciprocate with those kindly folks who drop in unannounced, bearing cool gifts. Both of these inexpensive, yet thoughtful gifts came from my friend and fellow baseball mom, Michelle Moon.

Rosy Water Facial Toner/Astringent

Mix witch hazel with equal parts rose water (available at health food stores or online); add six drops glycerine. Fill an inexpensive corked bottle (available at craft stores or dollar stores) for a lovely homemade astringent. Decorate the bottle with a gauzy ribbon or faux jewels on the stopper.

Decoupage Cross

Purchase raw wood crosses at a craft store. Use Mod Podge® or another decoupage glue to attach small, torn bits of leftover gift wrap, Christmas or otherwise. When the design is to your liking, coat the final product with one additional layer of glue. Let dry and attach a picture hook to the back, if needed. For a variation, add a Scripture verse—printed off the computer onto quality paper—to the center. Easy to make, easy on the wallet.

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Anonymous said...

It was nice merry Christmas to you

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