Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cleaning out the Fridge--Painful, but Worth It!

While I’m not the world’s best at cleaning out the fridge, I do manage to get the task done pretty quickly, which in my book is almost as good as doing it well.

Consider these steps (add to or delete, as necessary):

1. Remove food, including jars and jugs. Toss old or expired food in the trash. Put food you can still use in a cooler while you finish the job.
2. Remove drawers/shelves if necessary. Wash and dry. Be careful to not heat up glass pieces too quickly or they may crack.
3. Wipe down the interior with mild soapy water. Move from top to bottom to catch spills and drips. Use a non-abrasive scrubber if needed.
4. Clean drawers and shelves you removed a few minutes ago.
5. Dry the interior—bins, walls and permanent shelves.
6. Replace food, wiping jars and other containers that may have drips on them.
7. Clean out the freezer. Toss expired or freezer-burned food.
8. Wipe down the outside.

A couple of seasonal reminders:
Check the drip pan.
Vacuum the refrigerator coils.

If you wipe up spills as they occur (and teach your lovable husband and children to do the same), the actual cleaning won’t be nearly as overwhelming.

The good part is, once this chore is done, you’ll have all kinds of room in your fridge; you can fill it with wonderful holiday goodies!

What hints and helps can you add to speed up the process or just plain do it better?

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