Monday, November 9, 2009

Ewww! What's that?

Saturday, November 14, is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day, so this week the Word Quilters will share kitchen tips to help out through your holidays.

I'll give you about three of my faves today:

The first tip is to clean and de-clutter counter space, fridge front, and cabinet tops. Walk into your kitchen and view it as a visitor might. What stands out as cluttered or dusty? What could you do in one hour to freshen your kitchen? Plan a single hour dedicated to freshening your kitchen. Put on your favorite music or even Christmas carols to remind you of why you are cleaning--to make your holidays easier and more joy-filled. A tidy kitchen will make all the difference in your attitude when you have a quick meal to cook or the two BIGGIES in November and December.

I plan to do my one hour kitchen clean later today. First, I'll clean out fridge. I think there's a few shriveled carrots in there and a tad of wilted red cabbage. After the fridge, I'll dust the "collection" on my cabinet tops near my nine-foot, tin-tiled ceiling: two plants (one live, one fake), old Philco radio, old Mix Master, and other trinkets on top of cabinets. I'll wipe down all items on countertops, putting all uneeded items away. Wash two windows and only two glass doored cabinets. I'll look at all cabinet fronts for spills and wipe those away. Dust ruby red glass drawer and cabinet pulls. I'll clean glass pantry door, and after hanging out new fall cuptowels, I'll have a hot cup of Chai tea as a reward.

Another kitchen tip: Look at the end of the boxes that hold your cling wrap and foil in your pantry. Many homemakers have never noticed the tabs that you are supposed to push in toward the center of cardboard roll holding the food wrap product. Push in any tabs to keep wraps from jumping out of cardboard box when you rip off a piece of foil or cling wrap.

Extra kitchen tip. Buy extra set of sink stoppers. Throw dirty ones in dishwasher, use fresh set until others are clean. Rotate weekly for cleaner sink.

What do you do to give your kitchen that extra sparkle of clean?

Thank you, faithful followers. Please tell your friends about the blog and search our older posts, nearly 300, to find lots of holiday ideas and answers to your holiday questions.


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