Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best Gifts Under $25 for Men and Women - By Trish Berg

We exchange names on both sides of our extended families, and so shopping is simpler. Except that I always struggle with gifts for the men in our families.

But no longer. I have discovered that buying men a food related gift is always a great gift.


For my brother-in-law, I once assembled a basket of goodies including pancake mix, fresh flavored syrups, muffin mixes, dip mixes, chips and salsa. He loved it! I included a manly apron and some great recipes, and piled everything in a great basket, and for less than $25, it was a huge hit!

At a loss for a guy's gift under $25 this Christmas? Try this: The Salsa of the Month Club. You could even get him some unique tortillas chips in a basket and all year, he will be reminded of your love.
I have discovered a fantastic, unique gift for the gals in your life. Handmade
jewelry from stones and wire. I found this gal, Jen Berly, at a local craft fair and bought a beautiful stone ring. I have had more compliments on that ring than any other piece of jewelry I own.
Her rings are around $20. She also carries beautiful necklaces and bracelets that are a little more expensive, but well worth the price.

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