Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Santa,

What a fun idea for a post, Cathy! Our grown-up letters to Santa!

First, I have to confess to everyone my complicity in a Santa-scheme about 20 years ago. Kendall, my sister-in-law, used to coerce good behavior out of her children weeks, even months, before Christmas by threatening to call Santa when her kids disobeyed.

She went so far as to dial the number (dh Bret’s and my number, not the actual North Pole) and even reached us a couple of times. It didn’t take us long to get with the plan as we heard her saying in a clear, calm manner, “Jordan, I’ve got Mrs. Claus on the line. And she’s going to get Santa so I can tell him about how you’re acting. Do you really want to go on his ‘naughty’ list? Or, can you make a good choice instead?” She said it worked magnificently every time. But the funniest part was when we received my nieces Christmas Wish Lists via fax!

Anyway, my wish list would be mighty short—and sort of doubles as my prayer list.

Dear Santa,

Though I’ve tried to be good this year, I know I’ve made lots of mistakes. Please forgive me. If you can find enough generosity in your heart, here’s what I’d like for Christmas:

More time—I feel time pressures on every side. Could you grant me an extra two hours a day? Or, better yet, help me give up enough things to equal that time.

More patience—I find myself being short with those I love. Help me to love them the best and give the scraps to others. Or, better yet, toss the scraps in the trash.

More rest—I get caught in a pattern of rushing to do, to accomplish, to be productive. Sometimes what I need more than anything is to be quiet and still. The rest will actually help me to do all the things on my To Do list better.

More thankfulness—I’ve been blessed beyond measure with an incredible husband, wonderful children, a church and community I love, great parents, in-laws and extended family. I need to focus on just being grateful for all of that and not take it for granted.

Oh, and I would really, really like a Mac mini. 

Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you, Mrs. Claus and all the elves!


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