Monday, November 30, 2009

Bear the Bare Spot

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This week, the Word Quilters--Cathy Messecar, Trish Berg, Terra Hangen, Brenda Nixon, Karren Robbins, and Leslie Wilson will share tips for live Christmas trees. Over the weekend, hubby and I saw trees galore traveling on top of cars and poking their lovely branches out of trunks--all on their way to merry-up a family.

We live on a farm in South Texas, where many cedars and long leaf pines grow. For our home, we have cut most of our Christmas trees from our farm-woods. Through out the year, we watch for young pine trees that are shaping up to be the right size for a future Christmas. Nice shape, full of branches--that's what we watch for. We've never found the perfectly-perfect Christmas tree, yet, because.....

Bare spots abound.

One year, I pointed to a place on the trunk that could have used a bit more branching out, "Oh, there's a bare spot."

Our young daughter Sheryle piped up saying, "I'll get my bear for that spot." And a tradition was born. Wherever we have a gap in our tree, we perch a bear in the bare spot. A couple of years, we had several bears hibernating in the cave-like hollows.

Watch for more tree tips this week and share some of your own. When does your tree go up? When does your tree come down? Let us hear from you.


monix said...

We like to keep the decorating of the tree for Christmas Eve, when the family arrive for the holidays. It takes hours to do because every ornament has a particular memory or story attached and it has to be told again each year. We love the ritual of it.

DK said...

For our family we decorate for Christmas the last weekend in November. So we are ready for the start of Advent. We have a fake tree that works just fine for us. But takes up lots of space in the basement. I much prefer real trees. I love the smell of them. My husband suggested that we buy one of those pine air fresheners for cars and stick it in our tree. I thought that was funny but not something we will do. Fake trees are so much more economical. That is why we have one.