Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award for this blog and 4 other blogs

We are happy here at our blog, since Sandy AKA Doris the Great of "Aging Disgracefully" blog, awarded us this Kreativ Blogger Award. Visit Sandy at her own blog See her 11/13/09 post about the award and her humorous 7 point list.
The rules for accepting this award begin with posting the award photo and then thanking the awarder Thank you Sandy, we are thrilled.
Next, list 7 things about yourself others may not know.
And then select 4 blogs to award this Kreativ Blogger Award.
I am Terra and I volunteered to be the point person for the Word Quilters for this, so here goes.
1. I read several of James Baldwin's books, including "The Fire Next Time" and "Go Tell it on the Mountain", and was delighted when Mr. Baldwin was the guest of honor at my friend's birthday party, when I was a college student studying in Istanbul, Turkey. James Baldwin lived in Istanbul for many years. I think I managed to say something scintillating like "Hello Mr. Baldwin" when I met him.
2. A dark secret is that I often listen to on AM radio, between 10 p.m and 2 a.m. where the topics and guests are wide ranging, from UFO experts, health discoveries, RFID chips, and scientists who explain global cooling or warming.
3. In high school I won a statewide award for my oil painting of two pine trees, done with a palette knife, and my painting is still displayed in my parents' dining room.
4. I adore wolves and coyotes, and am a long time member of International Wolf Center and Defenders of Wildlife, groups that work to protect wolves and coyotes.
5. My cats try to run our household, and roundly reject my point 4. They are in no way fans of wolves or coyotes!
6. As a volunteer in my local public library's Book Buddy program, I deliver books to my homebound book buddy. We share lots of great chats when I deliver books to her. My book buddy raised prize winning goats, and still paints folk art, among other accomplishments.
7. My husband and I attend every Greek Festival we find, for the wonderful Greek food. Ah, dolmas, taramasalata, baklava, gyros, spanakopita, roast lamb, mousaka and so much more.
But, seriously folks, enough about me.
Here are 4 tremendously creative bloggers with generous attitudes and talents.
A Gathering of Thoughts Rebecca's blog
Homesteader's Heart She admits to a Christmas addiction in her 11/16/09 post
Bluebird Notes Koralee's blog
The Bearister Bookcase Bumblevee's cuddly bears
I hope you enjoyed this roundup and will visit these blogs and give them a cheer and a cyber-hug. By Terra


The Real Me! said...

Girl thank you so much for this award. I hope you stay tuned for my upcoming Holly Jolly Week. I have my creative juices flowing this year! LOL.
I'm so glad our paths crossed.
Blessings to you and have a great Thanksgiving.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for the kind award, Terra. I'm honored to receive it.

Your humor and your muse inspires me to follow along. Sure to be an interesting journey.