Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gifts under $20? Yes, Really!

For late night readers, this Book Light with LCD alarm clock makes a great gift:
Price (on sale), only $9.95.

From a design group in Decatur, Georgia: “Keeping your purse behind your chair can be risky, placing your purse on the floor means also placing it on the dirt and bacteria on the floor, and putting it on the table takes up space. The Purse Holder solves these problems by allowing you to conveniently hang your purse from the edge of any table. Keep the Purse Holder in your purse to always have handy.”
Cost: only $5.50 each!
Here’s the link:

If neither of these gift ideas appeals to you, I say go with Old Navy pajamas. They have such cute styles and colors and they feel comfy and cozy all winter long!


Cora said...

I love Old Navy Pajamas! Yay!

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