Monday, November 16, 2009

Santa's Bargain Basement

This week the Word Quilters will guide you to those obscure gifts that can please the receiver and your pocket book.

We all searched either our memories or shopped this year looking for great deals and places to shop, so we could share with you.

My advice shop garage sales and locate the "sale" places in your favorite stores.

Last year, at a garage sale, I found a new (tags still attached) black velveteen dress, stretchy fabric and floor length. It's not something I'll wear often, but it's classic, and I'll probably have it on hand for many years. $1.00! That's all!

The other bit of advice is to locate the sale bins, racks or aisles at your favorite stores. Warning though, even if it's a bargain and it adds to you clutter, it's not a bargain. Make sure you only buy items you can use or items that someone else can really use.

I recently found a box of bargain, new costume jewelry (any piece for $3.00) at an antique store. I found out from the owner, that the pieces all had some minor flaw--some only had a slightly different color bead, etc. I bought five pieces, kept a few and will gift the others. The flaws are not noticeable. One was a beautiful multi-strand, iridescent garnet-colored neclace. It is really stunning and goes beautifully with my black velvet dress for the holidays.

I stripped the spare bedroom manequin of her spring attire and robed her in the holiday garb so you could see. The hat is from the bin of play clothes that my granddaughters get to play with at Grandma Cathy's house. Happy bargain shopping.

Do you know of any holiday bagain places to shop? Let us know? Or we're always looking for useful, one-of-a-kind gifts.

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