Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2nd Hand Gifting - By Trish Berg

This week we are talking about second hand gifts. Onw year I found a cashmere swetaer just my daughter's size at the Goodwill store. She wore that for over 2 years and loved it.

But the BEST 2md hand gift place is FREECYCLE.com. You can register for free, sigh up to the freecycle in your area, and you get updates as to what people wnat to get rid of or want. (Offer or Wanted)

We got a beautiful 2 story dollhouse for fREE last Christmas for our six year old.

We got a free loveseat that has become our favorite sitting spot in the WORLD.

And we have been able to give away the toys and clothes and household things we have outgrown.

It is the PERFECT place to shop...it's FOR FREE!!!!

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I shop for Christmas year round; and I will often find new or excellent-condition goods that I put away for gifts. It's not only economical and "green", but because I have a $$ budget, people get more in their Xmas gift!