Saturday, October 31, 2009

Re: The Reindeer Problem

Dear Santa,

Let me express how very much I love having you visit each year. Your gifts and surprises have enriched my life and added joy to my Christmas celebration. But Santa, we really do need to talk about something. The reindeer.

Each year our roof gets a little weaker from all that weight landing up there. I wonder if a change in the diet and exercise program in the off season might lend to a leaner and more muscular team that would be a bit lighter in their step onto the roof?

And while we are mentioning diet, I have one other suggestion that would certainly make life easier on my husband who has to get up and clean the gutters each spring. The reindeer droppings are a bit of a nuisance when they clog up the downspouts. Perhaps a diet higher in fiber and more conducive to regularity might help.

As usual, we will be setting out the chocolate chip cookies and milk for you and of course, carrots for your team--high in fiber and nutrition and I understand that they are good for the eyes as well. Perhaps better eyesight will keep them from mistaking the satellite dish for a sled.

Looking forward with anticipation to your Christmas Eve visit. Hope all goes well for you and Mrs. Claus in the meantime. And hoping we can resolve these reindeer issues without hurting their feelings.


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