Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 Holiday Travel Tips - By Trish Berg

There is a lot of information out there in holiday traveling, but here are my top 10 tips.

Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips

1. Book early
The earlier you book your flight, the more options you have on prices, lay overs and airports.

2. Shop around
Whether you're using booking sites, bid or auction sites, check them all out online. During peak travel season, casting the net as wide as possible will help you understand all of your options.

3. Check alternate airports
This is pretty standard, but at this time of year it can really make a difference. At no time can the alternate airport gambit pay off better than during the holiday crush. You can score on almost every front -- parking, rental cars, traffic to and from, nearby hotels -- and save on both time and money, and might even have a more pleasant experience.

4. Travel light to save hassle and money
Packing light is always a good idea at peak travel times, but this year it could save you money, as many airlines have decreased luggage weight allowances and charge per bag. Pack a bag small enough to carry on, and you even save the baggage claim hassle.

5. Travel early or late in the day
As a rule, airports are least congested at times when normal human beings would rather be at home or even asleep. Delays are far less likely for morning flights, and airports usually unclog as the afternoon and evening peak passes.

6. Bring diversions.
Take along work, books, MP3 player, laptop. Things that can keep you busy as you wait. Time will pass faster.

7. Keep Pertinent Info Handy
Have phone numbers for everything: your hotel, your car rental agency, your airline, friends at your destination, and a print out of your ticket or hotel reservation in one place, like a folder in your briefcase or purse.

8. Fly Non Stop
Choose nonstop flights. The worst, most brutal delays occur in connecting airports, where you have no home, friends or family to retreat to.

9. Don't Wrap
Do not wrap gifts, especially if you intend to carry them on the plane. Even in checked baggage, there is a strong chance they will be unwrapped for inspection by security personnel. Consider gift bags instead.

10. Get a Gift Card for Food and Drink
To make life easier at the airports, get a pre-paid Starbucks and/or McDonald's Card so you can pull it out and grab a coffee or a snack on the go without having your debit card accessible or cash to hassle with.
And whatever your travel experience brings, remember to be joyful. The journey should be part of the experience, part of your holiday celebration.


Dina said...

great tips, I rarely travel but will use them whan I do.

holiday budgeting said...

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