Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Color Coated Gift Wrap- By Trish Berg

One of the best Christmas gift wrapping tips is to color coat your gifts for each child or each extended family event.

We have 4 children, so from the time they were babies, each child inherited a gift wrapping color, which matches their stocking color as well.

Hannah - Hannah is green. So all her gifts are wrapped in paper that is mainly green.

Sydney - Sydney is red.

Colin - Colin is blue.

Riley - Riley is gold.

I purchase my wrapping paper at the end of the season on clearance prices, and store it in the attic. And keep in mind that the color coated paper does not need to be solid colors. It can be a pattern, just mainly that color. Then you don't have to label any gifts, each child knows their color. I also stack each child's gifts under the tree in a pile all theirs, so they know where to choose their gifts form one at a time to open them on Christmas morning.

As for extended family events, choose one color or type of paper for each extended family gathering so when you pack the car, its easy to see which gifts go where.

We also save all our boxes, store them in the attic, and reuse them every year. Any boxes worth saving (sturdy ones that are nice) make life easier when you are in need of boxes at wrapping time.

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