Friday, August 28, 2009

BBQ Mixed Grill

Hi Friends.
I live where our climate allows grilling outdoors all year, barring unexpected cold snaps or heavy rain.
Thus, our family staple for gatherings is the beloved Mixed Grill.
Yes, for Christmas, heat up the Weber or other grill on the patio, and put on it whatever your crowd favors.
For four people, for example, it is fun to grill 4 sausages (2 chicken jalapeno and 2 bratwurst), plenty of steak, and salmon, allowing everyone to sample some of each.
Many stores sell sausages that are not pre-packaged, so you can buy several kinds, like 2 bratwurst and 2 chicken peach habanero, for example.
Marinate in soy sauce and olive oil some zucchini sliced lengthwise and put that on the grill too.
If you are inspired put some mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and slices of onion on skewers and add those too.
A delicious side dish is cooked asparagus, set in oil and vinegar or any salad dressing you like, and served at room temperature.
Guests can bring anything they want, from side dishes to chicken wings (which don't take too long to cook).
Bravo to the hearty chef. At my house, this is my dear husband doing the grilling.