Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christmas Cookie Swap Party - by Trish Berg

Sometime from late November to mid- December, you can host a Christmas cookie-swap party. It is a wonderful way to save time and money, and have some sweet treats all season long for holiday guests.

It is so much simpler to cook in bulk and make a LOT of one type of cookie, then swap so you have a wide variety of cookies. It also saves money on ingredients since you can buy ingredients in bulk.

Here is how it works:


1. Ask 2-10 friends to swap Christmas cookies with you.

2. Each person chooses one or two types of cookies to make, and make 1 dozen of that cookie for each person in the swap. (i.e. 10 swappers means I make 10 dozen nutmeg logs)

3. Each swapper puts 1 dozen cookies on paper plate, and covers with Saran wrap. Bring all cookies to swap with you.

4. Place all cookie plates on table, and each swapper goes home with 10 doze DIFFERENT cookies (assuming 10 swappers.)

You can place cookies in freezer bags and freeze until closer to Christmas if you want to save some of the cookies.

And....eat and enjoy!

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