Saturday, August 8, 2009

Garage Sale Time!

Since we are getting a jump-start on Christmas planning, now is the time to find the little extra cash that's hanging out in your drawers and closets and basements. I'm not talking about the coins you find in pockets or purses although that could easily accumulate in a loose change jar over the year and provide some extra Christmas money. I'm talking garage sale!

While the weather is still cooperative, take some time to go through toys, clothes kids have outgrown (and maybe you too), knick-knacks, mismatched china, etc., and gather it together. Clean it up nicely. Hang clothes on hangers or fold for display on tables and organize your nicely cleaned garage or yard for a sale. Put a sticker on each item with a reasonable price. (You might go to a few garage sales and see what things sell for.)

Be sure to have some change ready. I'd suggest keeping it in a wallet or small envelope and on your person rather than a cash box that might disappear. Enlist your kids and/or a couple of friends or relatives to help you the day of the sale especially in the morning when you will have the biggest rush of people wanting a first look.

My daughter-in-law has a garage sale the beginning of summer each year and what they earn pays for the kids fun excursions during summer vacation. She even has them bake cookies and make lemonade to sell at their own little table. This could be a way for kids to earn some money to buy Christmas gifts or supplies to make gifts.

Be sure to check with your local authorities to see if you need a permit.

If you're not up to having your own garage sale, perhaps you could take advantage of the ones you see this summer and fall. There are good bargains to be had for gently used toys and clothing.

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