Monday, August 10, 2009

Clever Gift Wrap Ideas

This week the Word Quilters will either give you a great gift wrapping idea or we'll share a way to cut your work load through the holidays or get through in a calmer mood than ever before. I'm giving you both.

The first tip is to print free gift tags from these
sites. Use stiff card stock in a natural or light color. Many choices of designs.

To "wrap" up this Christmas, I've watched for satchels and totes markdowns. These can hold sizable gifts and then the recipient will also have a usable tote. Or how about purchasing the eco-friendly store bags and gift your presents inside, encouraging the recipients to keep them in their cars and remember to carry them into stores to use for purchases.

For that special person on your list who needs a break, stuff the inside of one of those totes you find: include a box of chamomile tea, a mug, and a small tin of cookies or a bag of homemade goodies and a paper back book. Write a note giving them permission to take an afternoon off and lollygag.

I can't wait to see what my clever friends have come up with for our relaxing or gift wrapping you have any ideas to share. Let's hear them...thank, readers.

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