Friday, August 21, 2009

My one holiday travel tip

I have one travel tip for airline flights, which I learned from a friend who goes to Europe about once a year. She indoctrinated me with her mantra of "only take a carry on bag. If I can go to Europe for a month with one carry on, you can fly within the states with just one small suitcase."
Per her advice, five years ago I began traveling with just one carry on suitcase which I carefully measured in the store before I bought it, so it fits the carry on luggage rules. My suitcase is 22 inches tall, but check your airline rules for size since rules vary.
Boy, what a blessing to skip the whole waiting at the luggage claim carrousel time.
And of course, the airline won't be losing any checked luggage of yours.
Don't pack it too heavy, so you can lift it to the storage bins above your seat.
I love this idea and hope you do too.

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