Saturday, August 15, 2009

Global Gift Wrapping

There are two places in the world where wrapping is taken to a whole new level whether it is for a gift or just for a purchase in a store. In France or Japan when you make a purchase in a store, it is carefully and neatly wrapped in paper and secured with a piece of tape. It is not just tissue paper as some of our stores do. It is more like a gift wrap paper. Your purchase is ready to be given as a gift when you walk out the door of the store.

The Japanese are especially careful about their gift wrap since gift giving is a big part of their culture even when it's not Christmas. By the way, they celebrate Christmas with a trip to KFC. Its become such a tradition that lines form around the block on Christmas day. But I digress.

In Japan you will also see gifts given in a piece of cloth, wrapped and tied neatly. This gift wrap is called furoshiki. (Click here to see some examples.)

Whether it is paper or cloth, the wrapping of the gift is as important and significant as the gift itself. Should you find yourself in the fortunate position of receiving a gift from someone who is Japanese, be sure to unwrap it with care and respect.

All of this reminds me that Mary wrapped God's gift to us, Jesus, in swaddling cloths. A precious gift wrapped with loving hands.

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