Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Creative Gift Wrap by Brenda Nixon

Everyone likes an elegantly wrapped gift. It's like they say in the restaurant industry, "Presentation is everything" or those in marketing say, "Sell the sizzle."

One way I use my my creative energy and save a buck is through wrapping gifts in unusual ways. First, it doesn't have to be paper (what a waste of trees anyway); try wrapping a gift in a clean, new hand towel and tie with brightly colored cord. Artistically place your recipient's gifts in a beautiful basket. She might like the basket so much, she uses it to store soaps or misc items. For kids gifts, I might wrap a box with the newspaper's comic strip page.

My daughter "makes" personalized wrapping paper by stamping birthday or seasonal images onto butcher paper. You can also look for recycled paper if you're eco-conscious.

Or don't wrap it at all. A couple of Christmases, I placed notes with clues around the house so my daughters had to scout out their hidden gift.

How do you get creative with your gift-wrapping? Share your tip with me here; I'd love your feedback.

Brenda Nixon,
Co-Author, A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts

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