Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lose Five Pound in Five Years

Five pounds in five years--now that's a doable rate of losing pounds. Although if I take that long, I might not live to see my goal reached. I really wanted to title this "Preparing for the Christmas Spread." And I didn't mean buffet.

This week the Word Quilters will share a few healthy eating habits that we practice or that we've discovered this year. Last season when we posted on this topic, friend and co-author Karen Robbins mentioned a no-cal salad dressing that she uses when she sprinkles one packet of artificial sweetner on salad greens and then squeezes lemon juice over that. It's really quite yummy and zippy in flavor.

Also, when dining out ask for salad dressing on the side. Then dip your fork into the dressing and spear greens onto fork. I tend to use about one-third to half of the dressing by doing this.

The most significant way I keep my weight down is to eat only when I'm hungry and to stop when I'm full. I don't alway adhere to this but even using this method most of the time will help. Also, when you are about to take a bite of something especially snacks, ask yourself, "Am I really hungry or am I thirsty." Often, I find I'm getting dehydrated but seeking food instead of water.

Do a little sacrificing now in order to enjoy a special treat or two at Christmas. OK. I'm not thirsty. This post makes me want a vanilla-ey sugar cookie, the homemade tea cake kind. But I'm gonna go and down a glass of sugar-free orange flavored Metamucil instead. Hey it's filling and maybe this time it will taste like a Dreamcicle instead of orange flavored Creme of Wheat. I've heard the fiber is very healthy for you. As my husband loves to say, "It's not habit forming. I've been taking it for 15 years and I ought to know."
Happy week to any good eating habits and tips to share? Would love to read your comments.

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