Saturday, October 3, 2009

All I Want For Christmas. . .

Thankfully, I still have my two front teeth but it won't be long and I'll be asked what I want for Christmas. It's always such a hard question to answer. After all, there's that looming shadow called a budget that casts gloom and doom some years.

Given no limit, I'd ask Santa for a cruise with all my kids and grandkids aboard. I've seen other families on cruises for the holidays and yes, been a little envious.

Bringing it down more into the realm of reality and yet not worrying about that budget thing, I'd opt for a new laptop computer. While not as old as I am--face it, computers weren't around when I was born--in computer years mine is getting up there. Computer years are calculated faster than doggie years. I think I've heard that before you get it out of the box it could be obsolete.

I think about last year's gifts and realize one of the most treasured is a calendar my daughter-in-law made with all the pictures of our grandchildren on it and little pictures of them on their birth dates. And it was "free" with some sort of redemption from Coke products. I'd love another.

While it's nice to wish and dream, at this stage of life, I am happiest to give more than receive. Still, the kid in me loves a little something to rip paper off of.

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