Tuesday, October 6, 2009

White Elephant Gift Exchange - By Trish Berg

We have a white elephant gift exchange story that we will never forget. It involves a bronze bust of Buddha....need I say more?

When Mike and I were first married, 2 of my distant cousins flew in from New York City to attend the wedding here in rural Ohio. My 2 cousins, John and Joe, live a very different life than we do. They grew up in Queens, and both had successful careers in New York City.

Definitely a city way of life, very urban and sophisticated trendy and hip.

So when they went shoppingfor our wedding gift, I am sure they wanted to get us something that represented their unique style. Well, that they did.

On the night before our wedding, after our rehearsal dinner, they came home with me and handed me their wedding gift to open. When I pulled out this solid bronze bust of Buddha, I was not quite sure what to say. It overwhelmed me in many ways.

Most of all I had no idea what I was going to do with it.

The thought was sweet, and I know they probably spent a pretty penny on the thing. But it was just not us. So we stored it in our attic, and Mike used it to air dry his baseball caps after he washed them.

And when our extended family decided to have white elephant Christmas gift exchanges, well, we knew just what to do with our bust of Buddha.

Yep, it became the white elephant gift with the best story. It rotated from year to year, whoever had won it the previous year, wrapped it up and brought it the next year. What a hoot.

But alas, our beloved bronze bust of Buddha is gone. It was gifted to my sister-in-law's husband, and when they divorced, we did not win custody.

Oh well....not more hat drying for us.

But he lives on in our memories....

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