Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home Decor by Brenda Nixon

A few friends tell me they keep their nativity set up year round to remind them of Christ's first and His anticipated second coming. While I respect that tradition, it's not one our family has adopted.

We do have a lovely, handmade nativity that I bought one fall for the upcoming Christmas season. Since my wedding anniversary is in November, I bought the blue-glazed porcelain nativity as our anniversary gift knowing we'd have it for years.

We also decorate outdoors. I don't do the lawn ornaments nor look like Clark W. Griswold in Christmas Vacation but our home is festive.

Actually, in my home decor, I like to rotate the furnishings by season. If you visit me in the spring you'll see fresh flowers, "springy" wall decor, and other reminders of new life. If you visit in Autumn, you'll munch candy corn and smell fall scented candles. Changing my decor with the season is one way I make my home a haven to family and friends.

How do you decorate for the holidays . . . or anytime of year?

Brenda Nixon,
Co-author, A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I live on the south shore of Nova Scotia -- Xmas tree country! So, the first day I see someone selling wreaths, I buy it and put it on my door. Then I begin with a few simple little decorations -- a nativity scene, a tiny fake Xmas tree. But by the beginning of December, I figure it's full speed ahead. The outside lights are wound round the stairs, wreaths get hung inside, everything except the Xmas tree gets gradually put out. The Xmas tree has to wait until my 19 yr old comes home from college around mid-month.

Unlike the Xmas of my youth, these days once Xmas day is over, it's very anti-climactic! So, I begin early and try to squeeze every bit of Xmas that I can out of the season!

joanna said...

I love the changes of decorating options, so I pretty much follow a schedule. Winter stuff is out still through January- you know, smowflakes and snowmen- not so christmassy stuff, Feb is valentiney, spring decorations start showing up March 1st and stays thru May, June is summer- seashells and watermelons and palm trees, July is patriotic- naturally, August gets the very calm white and palm tree pallet, September is all about apples as well as the rest of the fall decs, October we add in pumpkins, November we add pilgrims and cornucopias, and the day after Thanksgiving we all pull out the Christmas stuff and drink cocoa and play Bing Crosby :D